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So I don't have a musical background, I played sports growing up instead of instruments, but I would really like to learn. I bought myself an acoustic guitar about a month back but I didn't take into account the fact that I work full-time and don't have a lot of time to practice. I make an attempt every day but I feel like I'm not giving the art the attention it deserves. It's almost discouraging trying to learn an instrument but not having the time required to dedicate yourself to it. I was wondering if anyone could help me out?

I'm a complete beginner (though I can read tabs) and I don't have the time to practice for 8 hours a day. Is there anything that I can do with only a couple hours each day to help me learn and become more familiar with my instrument without losing motivation? Things to practice? Tips?
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www.justinguitar.com is a very good site for begining students. It is a free site but you can pay by donation,and of course has heaps of learning stuff for sale. So go learn some chords and some scales. And really 8 hours a day of practise, just start of with one hour of focused study. And make sure you come back and tell us how you are getting on. Cheers and Merry Christmas.
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First, you don't have to practice 8 hours a day. Second, yes it's perfectly possible to combine work and music passion. Third, you don't need music theory to learn how to play the guitar.

How? We live in the 21st century; the internet - Youtube - is your biggest friend. Watching others play is the best way to learn. There are some great teachers on YouTube such as Justin Sandercoe and Marty Schwartz. You should definetely check them out.

Once you get the grip, once you know how it all works - you'll progress very quickly on your own. You just need a good start and I'm sure YouTube will help you out.

It's better to practice efficiently for like 30 mins/day than practicing for 8 hours doing nothing...
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justinguitar is a fantasic site to learn from. once you get a few chords down, try his 1 minute drills to help transitioning between them. after a few weeks of dedicated time it becomes much easier. stick with the main chords for now (A C D E G and F( thats gonna be a toughy for a bit), then throw in Am Em chords. i just started about a year and a half ago and am amazed at how far i've come... i can actually almost play "mary had a little lamb"... just kidding. i can get most rhythms by ear and can do a lot of fingerstyle. i cant wait to see where i'll be in another 18 months. my story's not much different..18 years at a job aay from home 2 yrs in a hospital and i decided to pick it up to kill extra time( which i swear i dont know where it goes,,still have only a couple of hours a week to practice). i still suck but i'm happy with my progess.
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i learned to play the guitar by practicing 20 minutes per day.
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Thanks for the replies everyone. I've been reading Justinguitar's beginner course and it just made me realize one thing: I need to stop trying to learn all these kick-ass songs I love and just focus on knowing the instrument. I hate the learning process but I'm looking at guitar like a pyramid scheme now. I need to build a strong base and move up slowly in levels. I'm sure it'll only get easier. I've been playing all day today so far and I've already learned a lot, so I'm not feeling discouraged.