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Hey UG community, I haven't been on for a while, but I finally bared down and tried my hand in home recording. It's not perfect, and the mixing leaves some to be desired, but for garageband and one microphone, I'm happy with the results So yeah, it'd be awesome if you listened to any of my three songs (preferrably the two newer ones) and left some feedback! and if you want I"ll definitely listen to anything of yours!
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Scared of the Dark: Great voice, perfect for the genre. The song structure is good, very catchy and didn't get boring.

Recording-wise, the guitars could definitely be better recorded/played, what do you use to record? I would recommend trying to get some more clarity and fullness to it, screw around with the EQ a bit. Vocals are recorded really well, good quality and definitely recorded correctly.

Right now i need her: once again the vocals are great, very good quality and pretty damn catchy. Instrumentals could use a bit of improvement, but are by no means bad. Just screwing around with the mastering could probably make it great. Could always send it my way and i could see what i can do:P

Not exactly your genre, but check out mine and let me know what you think
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