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Hey guys, I am considering getting another microphone for Christmas. I currently have an SM57, which sounds great, but I would like to get another mic so that I can try different micing techniques.

I use a 6505 with a Marshall 1960AV, and I play instrumental rock and metal.

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Are you just doing instrument miking? If so try an akg c214.
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Sennheiser e609, awesome mic to combo with a SM57 for micing cabs
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Sennheiser e609, awesome mic to combo with a SM57 for micing cabs
Really handy for live use too, you can just hang em over the front of the amp.

Just don't forget about the little label that says 'front' and get shouted at by the sound guy for having such a noisy, muddy tone.
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get a good condenser microphones mic that need phantom power

the different to the Sm 57 is AMAZING !!!

for me the sm57 is a good guitar mic YES but for vocal NO and when you use a good condenser microphone you will get a huge SHOCK how much more detail it will pick up ( if you have a rum&coke or some cool refreshment near you while you sing you can hear the ice melting !!! you may even hear your neighbours fighting 12 houses away LOL =) ! )

now if your a mic it live type dude for guitar,. i say sm57 up against the speaker and a condenser microphone in the room to pick up all the vibe in the room.. placement is important the sound changes ALOT !! and mix in what you like to the main mix.

Good luck, ( i have no brand or model preference I have 2 and there are totally different and i use them for different reasons )
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