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Hi guys just thought I'd post a link to my band's new EP if anybody would like to have a listen I'd love to hear some feedback.

We can be found by searching Robot Redford on Facebook, @RobotRedford on Twitter and more directly at

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Great production. That guitar tone is so fat, I've had to scrape cholesterol deposits off my speaker cones.

That said....I'm not a fan of the vocal mixing. It sounds overprocessed and a little too loud. Pitch correction, maybe, or over-aggressive gating - something is ****ing up the transients and making it sound unnatural. Also, the kick drum is really overbearing, especially in the verses.

I've always been a bit iffy about female rock vocalists (even though my missus sings in a grunge band, shhh!) but I love the tone of her voice, it's really rich and fits perfectly. It's a good ballsy tune. Reminds me of Garbage a little.

This is good stuff, you guys are awesome.