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Mixing- pretty good recording, everything sounds about right. Bass drum is a little too bass-y, it makes the mix a little muddy. Possibly push the guitar tracks up so they come through louder. Vocal recording was pretty solid.

Song- Overall catchy, started to get a little repetitive towards the middle though, try some different vocal patterns. Don't be afraid to do vocals that don't match the guitar perfectly, change it up a bit.
First solo was alright, needs to be turned up. Created a good change-up from the rest of the song, made it feel less repetitive.
Second solo was much better writing-wise, still needs to be turned up though. One of the first bends were way off, definitely needs to be re-recorded but besides that i liked the second solo.

The ending was good, i love when people tie together the intro and outro of a song, makes it sound a lot more put together.

Might not be your genre, but C4C?