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I know threads like this are quite common but I'm thinking of buying either a fender strat or tele. I want to get a guitar that is suitable for playing radiohead, pink floyd and muse stuff, what one would you recommend?
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I've seen all those bands using a Strat. A Strat is mega versatile but looks wise, the tele wins for for me. They also sound the shit.

But as T4D said, you can change nearly every aspect of a guitar to achieve the kind of tone you want so this question is so subjective.

If you have the cash to get a well crafted guitar with good quality control and good hardware you can do what you want with it. Of course you will have some limitations but you can get close.

Or get a Roland pickup!

What's your budget?

What's your location?

What amp do you have?
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Read the rules, no 'vs' threads.

And, these days the only difference is Strats usually have vibratos and Teles usually have fixed bridges. Everything else is negligible; you can even get Teles with vibratos and middle pickups, Strats with Tele pickups in them, etc. Buy whichever bridge style you want/need, and second to that buy whatever you think looks cool and fits your budget.
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Tele because most of them have humbucker routes in the neck, which just requires a new pickguard if you take that road.

But a Strat would probably be most versatile in the long run.
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No "Vs." Threads, dude.
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