hi guys, i just want your opinion on if i should get either a yamaha pacifica or a gibson les paul. at the moment i have a fender, but it is in bad condition so i decided to by a new one! but which one??????
Totally different guitars, it's going to come down to personal preference. We can't really help you with this one. Go spend a few hours with each and tell us what you decide!
The two guitars could not be more different.
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Where can you get a Les Paul for the price of a pacifica? Thats what I want to know

Yeah he must mean Epi LP Special II...
Maybe he's meaning Epiphone Les Paul? Kind of like the Kijiji and CL ads where it says Gibson in the title, click the link and BAM Epiphone les Paul Special II

I don't think you could even get a Gibson LP close to the price of a Pacifica.
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Where can you get a Les Paul for the price of a pacifica? Thats what I want to know

He never mentioned prices guys. Perhaps he just has been offered these two guitars and price is no option.

If it's an actual LP and not an Epi then it's a no contest in my eyes.

We need more information.
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Either way, this is silly.
Looks like TS is offline. I'm going to close this since it's not going anywhere. If you want to start a new thread on this topic, please include some basic information so we can help. Budget, music styles, gear you're currently using, etc.