...and I don't think I'll be getting any sleep.

I stepped away from the guitar when I joined the Navy at age 19. Since I got out in 1995 I had an on again off again romance with playing.

I recently picked up my acoustic (Seagul S6) and gave it a strum and then the next day I ordered this along with a Fender Mustang II . I wanted a Tele (My first guitar was an American Standard Tele) but I didn't want to break the bank to get back in so I did some research and bought what I decided was the best bang for the buck.

Anyway, I am very excited and am really looking forward to learning (I have a lot to learn) and playing.

Great choice on the guitar. Classic Vibes are by far the best modern Squiers there are in my opinion. Post a NGD when you get it!
Great choice! HNGD
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I have that exact same guitar. They're absolutely fantastic. Excellent tone and playability.
Ok...it's 12:54am and I am finally ready for bed. I will keep you guys posted.