we are looking for an open minded Bassist and an open minded vocalist without any egos in the long island area, we are three laid back Progressive/metal guitarists/drummer serious about music, we are influenced by many progressive metal bands/Progressive rock bands, tech/melodic death metal bands, and some experimental type metal bands. we feel we have memorable riffs that transcend the countless number of generic acts out there, our songs are also crafted very carefully and are gig worthy, we have plenty of material, enough original material to gig with and we plan on doing some covers as well, but unfortunately our bassist is only a temp and we are still looking for a vocalist who can scream and sing well(in the style of opeth/daylight dies/between the buried and me etc.), so if you are interested in filling the bassist position, the vocalist position or have any questions please email me- autumnsdoor87@yahoo.com
Thank you, Dan