Hey guys! I was wondering if u could help me a little bit, i'm thinking of buying a strat guitar and i'm having trouble in deciding which one of these is best as regards sound, calibration, etc. I want a guitar that sounds good for playing John mayer, but also if I want to play a Pink floyd solo, I want it to sound properly as well. Im in between these models:
Squier Affinity
Fernandes Retrorocket X
Which one do you think is the best?
I think that between those three the best one could be the retrorocket, but I don't have the chance to test it where I live, I could only buy it online, so i'm not entirely sure what to do. If you know any other brands of strat guitar that may be better than these please tell me.
Thank u in advance!!
I can only comment on the Squier Affinity series since I've never played the others.

The pups on an Affinity tend to be pretty weak, so an upgrade would be in order to truly get the sound you're looking for.
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Dexter, what is your budget and do you already have an amp?
Personally, I'm a big fan of Fernandes, but I'm not sure about how they are in their price range.
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get one of these:
MUCH higher quality stuff than SX or Squier or Fernandes at this price point.
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+1 for the yamaha pacifica, solid guitar stays in tune, wide range of sounds. Although I have never come across a fernandes.
Whatever you decide on, you should it try before you buy, you might find something totally different you like better. Have fun looking
The affinity is a bit cheaper than the fernandes, I've tried it and it seems that it has a pretty cool clean sound, but I don't like how it sounds with distortion, maybe if I get new pickups I can improve that, what do you think? I was thinking DS pickups..