Verr verr relaxing bro on the first song. Quality's decent on Sunclipse, dont feel bad about it.
Really liked the chords and progressions, and the lead bits were good. Nice use of effects.

Crit fer crit?


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Sunclipse: nice intro, though the lead guitar sounds somewhat cheesy - but you already noted the quality wasn't that great (though the other tracks are pretty good quality actually). Now I personally love music that is minimal ('boring' for some people) but I find this song could use some more variation... not in the different parts, because you have quite a few of them, but in sound. To my ear the different parts sound too alike. Maybe you could use more different instruments, I don't know. And even though it's somewhat cliché to post-rock, maybe you could add in some kind of climax.
Anyway, I don't mean to be too negative. It's a pretty nice song!

Psychalgia: it's not really my genre, so I can't really comment much, really. :P I like the variation though, pretty cool. I really like the unexpected part around the 4 minute mark.