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This might be a little early but I would really appreciate if someone would write a history of dimebag article. I was really into damageplan but i haven't listened to much and I'd love to know about him and have some suggestions to listen to. I would also hope that it would be written by one of UG's better writers....I know i've enjoy friggenjerk's articles in the past. i don't know if he's still writing them but he does a good job.
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some songs to listin to by pantera
cowboys from hell,hollow,cemetery gates,this love,mouth of war,walk,5 minutes alone,revolution is my name,goddamn electric,by demons be driven,only to name a few.
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Pantera. Just... Pantera. No, actually, some suggested listening would be the songs "Walk," "Cowboys from Hell," and "This Love."
Check those ones out, and let them help you forget about his death, and (even though they're alright, they're no Pantera) Damageplan altogether.
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Originally posted by WindJammer
of course dimebag gets a request... no one even gave ray charles a lousy news section

yes, it's a "guitar" site...

Ray Charles also wasn't murdered on stage while playing at 38.
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Dimebag also wasnt the musical genius that ray charles was
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enough. this isn't the place for such a moronic argument.
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