Starts off sort of slow, but it's a work in progress. Trying to figure out if I want to shorten it or add some stuff to it, and whether or not to make it an instrumental, or write lyrics and give it some vocals. I'm open to constructive criticism/suggestions, so please feel free to let me know what you think, any feedback is appreciated! Also, send me a link to your music and I'll gladly critique your work. https://soundcloud.com/wattsbo/feeling-nostalgic
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Sounds good man, I would bring up the melody guitar line up a little more in the mix, it seems like the rhythm is a little too strong in comparison. I like the levels of the rhythm already so I would just compensate by increasing those occasional lead licks when you can.

I would also recommend (personally, as a drummer) to mix up the drum rhythms when you can, it would really add another element to your song.

All in all, very rad.
Sounds really good, but it could do with a bit more variety in the chords used i reckon.
in terms of mixing, its all clear, but sometimes the treble becomes a bit too strong, so maybe you should put a low pass on the rhythm guitar so the highs from the harmonics and leads stand out a bit more.
also, some extra bass in the percussive sounds wouldn't hurt

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The opening was nice, kind of movie-esque in the fact that i could see this being played in the beginning of like a romantic comedy or possibly at the end of a sad movie? That's a big contrast, eh. Its nice though. Problem with this is that it doesn't really go anywhere though. Like you add in a guitar solo sure but you kept the background music the exactly same while that went over it so it just feels like a pro-longed section instead of different verses, etc.

With that said this could go well as just plain background music but for active listening you'll want to make more defined sections.

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Thank all of you for the feedback! I'm sorry about taking so long to respond, I didn't realize anyone had replied. I'll go ahead and crit you guys back. Thank you Apostro, in the next version I'll do something about the drums! I'm gonna do some EQing as Nay suggested, and fix the harshness of the treble, and try either shorten the song or do something to make it more varied as Joshua suggested. And Joshua, that's funny you say that, because I actually had that idea in my head when I recorded it, I was shooting for 90's romantic comedy soundtrack haha. Glad to know I succeeded. After having a few days to hear it again with fresh ears, your criticisms are pretty accurate. I think I'm gonna cut out most of the second half of the song, make a new version according to the feedback you guys have given, and see how it turns out. I'll post the results! Thank you all for the kind words and constructive criticism! I rarely post on here, but I seriously appreciate the feedback on this forum, you guys have all helped me out a great deal over the last couple of years on improving my mixing, recording, and songwriting. Cheers
Made me wanna scream out "YEEEEEEHAAAAAW!"

Nice to hear some acoustic work here!

The tone quality of the guitars are nice, but the drums sound like you are beating on a cardboard box.

I hear harmonica in my head, and this definitely needs lyrics and melody.

I would appreciate a listen to my drivel -


Keep Rockin'!