Hello everybody. I've had a fender starcaster acoustic guitar for about 3 years now, and it's been quite great for a while. I haven't had enough money to upgrade and still wont for another few months. However, over the past couple of months, i would change the tuning of it or change strings, and my low E string would get to maybe, a low c# or a d, and then make a pop sound and then jump down alot of tones to a lower note... and i cannot for the life of me figure out whats wrong. I have noticed that if i look at the mechanism inside the tuner there is a little gear, and the gear would turn, then snap back a few notches, making the string tune up a few notes then snap back down. I could make a video if there isnt enough help here, and hopefully someone can give me some advice because i really miss playing it, and i'd hate to know it's unfixable. I don't believe my neck is warped or my nut is messed up... If anyone has an idea that could help, or has had this problem before, i would be forever in your gratitude and would surely appreciate and comments you can give me on this.
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It's very much fixable... but whether or not you want to spend a large amount of money to fix a starter guitar is another issue. Unless you have some sort of sentimental value, just wait it out for the new guitar.
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the starcaster is an electric, isn't it? do you mean the stratacoustic?
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sounds like you gotz a bad tuner. a cheap enough fix.

yep sounds like a bad tuner, not really that big a deal. if your cool with your local music shop they may have one layin around from upgrades and what not.
I'v had this exact same problem, just hit your local music store and ask for it to be fixed. Very affordable (20$ for me) . I can't imagine how your life has been without a fully working guitar :'(
Thanks for the tips guys, I brought it to a local music shop of mine and they had tuners just lying around and replaced it for free! Super pumped. Thanks, you guys