Hey folks. I don't usually upload anything, here, mainly because I release Spoken-Word records, as my instrument recording equipment is very poor. However I was messing with GP5 tonight and came up with this after about an hour. Kinda video-gamey. Lemme know what you think!
There are some cool ideas in here, but it seems kinda... incomplete. The first two riffs are pretty good. The drums are kinda meh, though. Seems like they were just tacked on without much thought.

Riff at 33 has potential, I really like it. But once again, you've gotta add more shit. It all feels incomplete, so it's hard to tell what kinda direction you're taking it in. For instance, the riff at 49 doesn't seem to really... fit. But if you filled in everything else, you could make the transition work.

Stick a melody over 33, make it the main riff of the song. That's what I'd do, anyways Overall, decent stuff, just... flesh it out.