Hi guys.

I have this Ibanez S770 FM guitar, and it sounds great with its H S H setup. But currently it's not able to use the Humbuckers at the neck and bridge the same time. The guitar has a 5-way switch, so it can only use the humbuckers and the single-coil by them selves, or split the humbuckers to play with the single-coil.

I was wondering if it would be possible to install an additional 3-way toggle switch in the circuit, and thereby be able to use the two humbuckers together in one position, all the pickups in another, and the last position being kind of like a 'neutral' position, where the 5-way switch will take over again?

Is there anyone who might have any experience with this sort of thing, and could help me figure out the wiring and such?
What you need is a neck-on switch. All it does is turn the neck pickup on, no matter where the 5-way switch is. So to get neck and bridge you'd just have it on in the bridge position and to have all 3 you'd have it on in the middle + bridge position.

Here's a simple diagram:

Thanks a lot for the help! I've installed it now after a long time and it works like a charm!
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