Holy shit you spend the first minute just raping that first fret. That was so tame. At least you followed it with an ok DM riff. And then with a Fear Factory-like break. The next black metal riff really caught me off guard, wth. And it follows that path until the end.

Tbh, I don't know what to think of it. The first riff would work if it lasted 2 bars, but a whole minute just turns the song into shit. This song is the equivalent of FF taking a shit all over some generic brutal death metal band and Mayhem high on cough syrup.

The mix isn't that good too. The bass is non existent and the drums sound pretty phony (I know they're programmed, but AD plz.) The guitars have a nice tone, but it lacks on the low end (that's why you need the bass.)

Overall, 5/10
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