Hey All,

A real quick background- I've had my guitar laying around for a while ,about 10 years or so, and have decided to start taking up lessons. However, the metal housing around the input is missing and on the input jack itself, the white wire has become detached from the main piece.

So a couple questions... about how much would this cost to fix if I take it to the shop? I don't know how to solder but have always wanted to learn and this seems like good experience on a not-so-great guitar.

If it is cheaper to do myself and the difficulty level is not that high, what's a good site to buy parts? I've looked on eBay a little bit but having not known what year I bought the guitar, I weren't sure if the parts were universal for all Strats or if they went by year. Links would be greatly appreciated!

Being new to this, if you can offer some tips I thank you in advanced!
Just solder that wire back on. It's practically idiot proof.

As for the jack plate, get one from a local music shop and put it on yourself. It's only 2 screws, and it looks like the nut for the output jack is on the jack, so that's good.
parts are cheap, that whole thing would cost under 10-15bucks to repair. also, with a little bit of soldering know-how, you should be fine.
It would cost about 30 bucks to have a tech do it. There are all kinds of walk throughs on how to solder wiring on a guitar.
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Great, thanks for the replies!

Here's a couple closeups of the input jack itself. I was under the impression that the hole has to be open/clear in order to solder that wire on. In this case, would I just strip back some of the white coating on the wire and solder it directly over the old solder which detached?

Cut back the white wire. heat up the soldering iron. poke through the old solder on that other spoke. Stick the wire through the hole. Solder.
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As far as parts are concerned, just type in on E-Bay " Stratocaster Imput Jack Cover !" From there, you'll see a whole bunch of different dealers.
You could just heat up the tab on the jack and, when the solder is fluid, flick it with something and the solder will fall off.* Or, solder the wire right onto the thing without putting it through the hole. Wires are often soldered to things without being inserted into a hole first. You can do it, guy!

* Make sure that you don't flick the solder into your eye or something. Don't get too energetic. A little tap will do. When it's hot, it sort of acts like water.
^ Also don't wear short when flicking. Just in case

But it's as simple as heating the old solder, poking some of the wire through (pre-stripped, of course) and letting it set. You may need to ass a little fresh solder.
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