I'm selling my 2004 Rickenbacker 360/12 in Turquoise-glo. I know, I know, not the most attractive color they produced but I bought it because I hadn't really seen too many of them in shops or on eBay. I've owned the guitar since spring 2009 and have only played a few places with it here and there. It has only some minor "love" marks on it indicating minimal use. No large scratches or gashes. I've kept it mostly in it's case since I've owned it.

Why am I selling? I've loved Rickenbacker guitars ever since I can remember hearing my first Beatles song with George's 360. When I had the money, I pulled the trigger and bought it. What I should've done was buy the 325 as that's what my heart really is set on. So, to appease the wife, in order to be able to buy the 325, I need to sell the 360. It's been a great guitar and I've not had any issues with it while I've owned but, but it's time to step up to what I'd really like to own.

Since I can't seem to upload pictures here (they're apparently too big and cropping them hasn't seemed to work as if I crop them any more, you won't be able to get good views), please e-mail me at spirtnoye@gmail.com for photos and any other information you'd like to know.

Thanks for looking!

In all my haste to post this, I forgot to add my asking price. I am asking $2000 firm on the guitar. It's also available on eBay for this exact price so, if you're an eBayer, and you wish to purchase this guitar, you may do so via PayPal.