Hi all,
Attached is a picture of my lovely BC Rich Classic Eagle Deluxe, I have however managed to drop my tuner on it and put a dent in the laquer, it doesn't look as deep as I thought it would be and would like to know if it looks like it could be easily repaired?

Thank you for your time
What am i supposed to be looking at? I can't see it.

Also, i wouldn't bother worrying about dents, its inevitable that you're going to dent your guitar no matter how well you take care of it.
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I actually used turtle wax for the buckle rashes on my guitar before.
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Just right of the toggle switch is an almost crescent shaped dent / chip
It really annoyed me when I did it, one of those "that didn't have to happen" moments -_-
Aaaaah, i thought that was just light reflection.

I still wouldn't worry about it.
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Please understand how little we as a community care
if it doesn't collect a little road rash occasionally, you should sell the case queen. even my Taylors and Adamas' have a little "fun luv" on them.
ideally you could take a bit of lacquer and fill in the ding with a drip or brush it in, then wet sand it up to a few thousand grit and polish it to match the finish as it is now...

Stewmacs also sells lacquer repair kits, in which you sort of melt lacquer into the dings and polish it up.
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I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it does not have a lacquer finish...
not familliar with repair methods and such, but it looks like if you got something from stewmac or some other like-site, or you could just leave it. but trust me i know how you feel
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chances are that's a low end BC Rich with a plastic finish. I wouldn't worry about it. Lacquer is easy to repair, the plastic is harder to do. On a cheap guitar like that I wouldn't bother.
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I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it does not have a lacquer finish...


clear nail polish should fix that up.

but it's going to get more.
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The proper method is what Ethanbo8 said above. But, unless you're skilled or very, very lucky, you run a good chance of making it even more noticeable.

If it were mine and it bugged me:

For such a small blemish, I'd listen to Greg1020. Just by doing that, it'll probably be completely unnoticeable unless someone was really looking for it up close.

Tip: Use a new bottle. New stuff that doesn't have half the solvent already evaporated out of it is easier to deal with; you'll get a smoother finish.
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