The half timing drums during the end of the last solo sounds pretty poop.

Thats pretty much the only thing I can think of thats bad about it, so take that for what you will. Seriously, its got some good stuff in there.

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The intro reminds me of After The burial. I didn't like the section at gminor. It didn't work to me. Good use of the synths and the leads were nice.
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IMO, it's pretty well structured song. I love the delay usage during 0:22 onwards (sorry, i only listen to the MIDI, my pc have no guitar pro at the moment) but, the drum at around 2:00 is kinda off...

otherwise, it's pretty good song. I also love the piano part at 1:05 - 1:22


Honestly, that's one of the most melodic pieces I've ever seen on this site. Really nice work.
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