hello guys, i am about to buy my first bass (i am playing the guitar since two years ago, and iknow the basics of the bass). i am cat choose from the epiphone thunderbird vs and the peavey zodiac BXP....i would like to know in 250 euros are worth those basses... and another thing i care about is the hardware... does one of them have a decent hardware that does not go out of tune after 30 minutes of playing??? wich one is better?
Personally I'd go for the Peavey. I have one and I love it. I've had it for maybe three or four years now and never had even the tiniest problem with it. It's never so much as been chipped. It stays in tune very well and the hardware is solid. I've never actually played a Thunderbird but they divide people a lot. They have a very muddy tone and from what I've read at least the Epiphone version isn't very reliable. The Gibson version seems to get better reviews but of course they cost more than 250.
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Don't buy an Epi Thunderbird, the Epi Pro's are much better basses but Thunderbirds aren't really a good bass to start on as the neck dive and the body twist both make them a pain to play, literally. Peaveys tend to be nice to play as are loads of others in this price range, learn to play on a bass that is comfortable and rewarding to play and then buy your Thunderbird later if the sound and look of it is what you really want.
i will probably go for the peavey then
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Yeah. Thunderbirds look cool but it's really neck heavy. I like my Tokai TB, haven't tried the Epiphone. People say the lower end Epi TBs suck so I would at least try it before buying.

I don't find TB sound muddy. Or then it's muddy in a good way because I like the sound. It's not very trebly and you would maybe like to cut some bass frequencies not to get too boomy.
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I think that Epi TBirds are one of those things, you either love them or you hate them. I've never played one, but I would NEVER buy it blind just because of the large divide there is among bassists about it.
For 250eur you could also have an Ibanez SR300, like the Peavey it is an ultra-reliable bass. I've owned both (well, have a millennium instead of a zodiac but it's all much of a muchness) and it is definitely a good bass to consider. The Epiphone on the other hand is terrible.
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i am also thinking about a p bass.... a mim that is probably better than both peavy and epiphone