Right so I've got some pedals kicking around that I don't really use any more and am currently GASing hard for an acoustic so want to free up some cash - having said that, I'm not desperate to sell hence I'm here and not on fleabay.

1. Ibanez WD-7 Weeping demon - As new condition

Still have the box and everything for it but not the original manual but I printed it off from the Ibanez site so I can include that if you'd like or you can print it off yourself. Lovely pedal which makes for quite an agressive wah but is pretty unique in the respect that it can be adjusted.

£55 + £5 postage.

2. Boss MT-2 Metal Zone - Good condition

No box or manual but it's pretty self-explanatory. Some people slate these a bit it's definitely worth trying one out since I liked it a lot for a pretty fierce distortion.

£30 + £5 postage.

3. Boss BF-3 Flanger - Great condition

Great, versatile flanger. No box or manual but the manual is available from the boss website. Some pretty cool and unique sounds possible with this. Has velcro on the bottom where I fixed it to my pedal board but this is easily removed.

£50 + £5 Postage.

Paypal gift only unless you'd rather pay the fees (unless this is against the rules?)

Feel free to make me an offer if you're interested - worst I can say is no!
Pics on request.
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