I purchased a classical guitar about 6 months ago and it seems like I'm stuck.
I don't know where to learn from. How important is it to read music esp for classical guitarists? Can anyone please suggest me any books for learning classical guitar and read music?

Also, I came across a couple of online lessons...
How is Los Angeles Guitar Academy (LAGA) classical guitar course?
Here is the link -> http://onlineguitaracademy.net/online-classical-guitar-lessons.html

And Steve Krenz (Learn & Master fame) seems to have released a new fingerstyle guitar course.
Link-> http://www.learnandmaster.com/spotlight-series/fingerstyle-guitar/

Which one do you think is worth joining?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out. I really want to make progress.
Do you want to learn how to play classical music on the guitar, or do you want to learn how to play the classical guitar? The classical guitar is great for other types of music too: blues, jazz or any other genre (ok, maybe not metal :p)

I dont think you really need to learn music notation if you want to play classical guitar. I can't, and i havent (yet) had the problem of becoming stuck. I think there are enough sources when i can find tabs for classical and modern music, i'm having fun playing it and with each song i learn there is always progression.

Of course, you will benefit if you get a teacher and to learn the techniques properly and music notation. I started music academy about 5 or 6 years ago, and they were very strict in what you learned, what you played and how you play it. After 3 months i got tired of playing songs like "merry christmas" and "old macdonalds". I did like the the theory lessons though ...

After a while i found a private teacher that played a nylon stringed guitar himself, and i liked those lessons much more. He worked on the position of my hands, and thought me about blues progressions etc ... i had much more fun with that guy, and got more value for my money! What i really really would like to find is an affordable teacher who an teach me spanish guitar music, no success so far ...

Anyway, i dont want to advise against getting classical training, but just wanted to point out that you are not obligated to do so

You'll find alot of classical/spanish tabs here:

Of course they are in that flaky text file format.

Or on this guys website (also check out his massive youtube channel)

I bought some tabs on his site and their are top-notch.

Then there is this guy:
Also has a long list of youtube videos, you can get the tabs of his site for a subscription fee, and even get webcam lessons. I did that once for assistance with one of his tabs, and hes a great guy.
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