I want to convert some guitar songs to harmonica tabs but need a bit of help.

I haven't played guitar in years so I need some help with that side of things. If a person could just tell me the key and notes that are played from the guitar tab, I can then make a harmonica tab knowing which notes they are.

Songs I'm interested in; True believers by Bouncing souls; It's so easy by G'N'R; any well known thrash songs ; Kiss me as covered by assorted pop punk artists.

I guess that I'm going to have to do a lot of the legwork myself here.

Ok so, I'm pretty sure if i try hard enough I can work out what notes I'm playing on the guitar by looking at the tab and then play it on harmonica and write the tabs then.

It could be painfully slow for me to do a couple songs but i reckon it'll be worth it.

If anyone out there plays harmonica and plays anything else I'd like to know, and I'd like to hear what people wanna hear on harmonica!