Hello everyone

I am trying to solder these three wires I have to the jack, but the way I am doing it isn't working.

The rest of the connection is fine (I had to replace a faulty jack, that's all).

note: the jack has 4 "pins", not 3 as I am used to see

Green wire - comes from top of a pot
Black wire that ends in two wires - comes from swtich
Black wire (bottom of pic) - Battery

So, how do I wire them to the jack? I tried using some schematic but it didnt work

Please just say if a better explanation is needed.

I AM USING A MONO PLUGIN CABLE (don't know if this is important lol)

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Get a new jack, just a plain stereo one with the 3 connections. That isn't the right jack for guitar.

If you REALLY want to use that one, you have to figure out by looking closely which terminal goes to which connector. The sleeve is ground, and you connect the sleeve of that black wire to it. The white wire goes to the highest tip. The battery ground goes to the middle. If the green is really from the bottom of a pot it's also ground.

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That jack should be fine. If you look closely, there are two connection rings contacting the tip. It looks like it's designed to act as a switch when you insert a plug and it displaces the tip connector. Trace the contacts to each layer and make sure that you only use the tip, sleeve and ring.

Tip - hot from volume pot
Ring - battery negative
Sleeve - ground from switch

(Assuming that you only have one volume control, and it's after the switch)