Poll: Which looks better on the Yamaha FG730s?
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View poll results: Which looks better on the Yamaha FG730s?
Vintage Cherry Sunburst
2 25%
Tobacco Sunburst
6 75%
Voters: 8.
me, i like the cherry burst. i can't tell you what you will prefer. but it will sound better with some EXP16's on it
Well I ordered the Cherry burst but they are out of stock and will take an extra week or so... They said I could change to another if I wanted and I could get it faster... I think they both look great.. So I am not sure what to do... Ive seen things similar to the tobacco but never really see many with the cherry.
wait the extra week. its a short amount of time to wait for your first choice. you'll spend the next couple of years wishing you'd had waited.
This, or as I like to call it, "what's behind door number 3": http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/yamaha-fjx720sc-solid-spruce-top-mahogany-acoustic-electric-guitar

Musician's Friend is having a 10% off sale ATM. That would bring the price don to about $420.00. IMO, a better buy. If you can swing it, go for it. A 730 in AE is way too much of a price bump.

Other than that, I kind of like cherry sunburst, bit with black burst edges. I have an old Epiphone 12 string in that finish. Why don't you hop over to the local music store and check out a tobacco burst finish. The Epiphone "Sheraton II", is widely distributed in tobacco. The LH model is only offered in that color. (There are obviously, or should be, other examples as well). My only criticism with tobacco sunburst, is sometimes the central yellow comes off the same color as tobacco stained fingers or teeth. That could be just me though.

With all that said, don't second guess, or outsmart yourself. If you're heart is set on the cherry sunburst model, a week isn't a long time at all.
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Quote by Chriz2469
What's better about acoustic-electric?
Basically, buying an AE up front, is a bit of future proofing. Many beginning players, once they get some experience, get the itch to plug in. If you buy AE at the onset you're ready, and don't have to scramble for a pickup. The cutaway helps too, although not as much as it might on an electric

"Peizo-electric" pickups, sound more realistic than sound hole magnetics.

The factory cuts all the holes in the guitar, which puts the preamp and tone controls right at you fingertips, while they assume all the risk of damage.

At the price point we're involved with, pre-installed electronics are the better buy. You can't buy all the parts involved, and do as nice a job of installing the system for the differential of $120.00 that we're discussing.

Even in a home environment, amplification can generate studio quality sound, with the addition of ambiance effects, (reverb and/or delay). That's how Nashville gets that "twang", and so can you.

And don't discuss this with your parents, but amped up, you can turn the guitar up to match the stereo, and not have to turn the stereo down to match the guitar.

I haven't picked up a guitar that EQ didn't help sound better. 3 band EQ is standard on most onboard electronics. (as they are on the Yamaha I linked).
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Idk.. I'd hope to get to a point where I wanted to do that but from experience my progress has always been really slow and I don't know how far I will really get. I am bad at playing the guitar.
Quote by Chriz2469
Idk.. I'd hope to get to a point where I wanted to do that but from experience my progress has always been really slow and I don't know how far I will really get. I am bad at playing the guitar.
Well, do whatever you think is best for your circumstance.

With that fatalistic an outlook though, it begs the question, why don't you just get an FG700? Those are well thought of as beginners guitars. They have a solid top also. Plus, it could be had for about $180.00 ATM. Don't know if it comes in cherry sunburst though.
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I think this looks a little better.. which will be nice for when I fail and it just sits around... stupid barre chords.
nice outlook chris !!! if i can do it( only been playing for a year and a half), i'm pretty sure a naked molerat could learn it faster.the only thing you have against you is patience( or lack thereof).
i do 2nd cranky's opinion of an electric/acooustic but hey.... so be it. i do think that playing anything is much better tha playing nothing.( welcome back by the way cranky... nice vacation? )