I have fender frontman combo and ive grown to HATE the solid state tone. Im looking to find a nice inexpensive tube combo, maybe the fender delux or deville. I want something with a warm tone with slight gain, my main influences are The Who/The Jam/The Clash. I play small clubs mostly and do not think i need a half stack or anything like that. any suggestions?

We need a bit more information to make some better recommendations.
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Vox AC-15.
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What's your budget?

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well he said inexpensive and said deville so perhaps around that price?

i recently youtubed some cornford amp. oh man. but yeah those wont do. take a digit out of the price tag maybe.
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my budget is under a grand, id like to stay closer to 500...but looks like im gonna have tobe closer to 1000 for a combo
I would highly recommend looking on Craigslist or Kijiji for used tube amps. Thats what I did. I wanted a Marshall Bluesbreaker amp in the worst way and the cost of a brand new one was/still is around $2,500-3,000, an I would never have that kind of money to spend on an amp. However someone told me to look on Craigslist for one and I was able to find a Bluesbreaker amp in fantastic shape, virtually brand new for $1,500

So I would highly recommend this avenue to you. If you have a small budget like myself, search on Craigslist/Kijiji for the amp of your choice, and your likely to find some good results. For example in my area (Toronto) there are plenty of Fender tube amps for sale on Kijiji for under $1000

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If you're going Vox (which I believe is a good idea), keep your options in mind. I'd stay away from the AC15/30 VR as they don't have the tonal qualities of a true valve amp. If you can afford them, the Handwired AC's are worth trying out. If not, I think the AC15C1 will suit your needs just fine. Just make sure you give it a chance by messing around with the amp's settings when you try it out.
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I think for the stuff you're playing you wanna go Vox! Ac30 or Ac15

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+1 with the AC30 considering he wants cleans.

The AC15 has very little clean headroom.
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