I've been practicing my guitar on and off for about 5 months, but lately something clicked with me and I have been practicing many hours this past week. Sometimes 4 hours a day, but I get extremely frustrated because I can't play a single tab without screwing up, I practice over and over again but with no success. Here is a couple examples of some easy things I've been trying to learn today.


This is an intro riff, it's incredibly easy and I'd suggest that an amateur player would catch on quite fast. But the the past hour and 15 minutes I still cant get this short riff down.

This is a solo from Pink Floyds 'Wish you were here' song.

---2 / 4---------------4----------4p 2p 0 ----------------------------------|

--3 / 5-----5 / 3-----------------------------------------------------------|
--3 / 5-----5 / 3-------3 / 5-----5 / 3------------3 / 5-----5 / 3----------|
------------------------2 / 4-----4 / 2 p 0--------2 / 4-----4 / 2 p 0---0--|

---2 / 4-------4------------------4---2------4-------------4---2------------|

----2 / 4------4---------------------------2------4----(4)----2-----------|

This was one of the first songs I wanted to learn, I've practiced this well over a couple hundred times. I would use it as my warm up, and everything. But I still can't play it perfectly! I'll admit this song is **** easy too, but I still can't get it.

Can some of you guitar pro's give me some advice? I repeat the same mistakes over and over, I try to slow it down, I try to relax more but nothing works. It's like I'm extremely uncoordinated, BUT I WILL NOT GIVE UP!! I would definetely appreciate some help, thanks
i usually wouldn't recommend a coupla percosets before practice buuuutttt......
seriously... are you trying too hard to learn it or has it become so much of aa task that its more frustrating? i'd let it go for a few weeks, move onto something else for a bit and then get back to it.( i tried that with the "blonde" and all i got was a black eye)
You need to be deeply concentrated while practicing. Your first goal when you practice is not to play it perfect, but to find out what the problem is. I guess there are several issues, and it is difficult to find them all yourself. The easiest way is to get a good teacher, he can hear and see the issues and then give you advice how to overcome them. If you are your own teacher, I recommend to make video recordings of what you do. Then watch it and you notice much more then you can while playing!
First discover what the problems are, don't try to skip this important step. Then the second thing is to work on them.
the problem is that when you repeat the same mistakes over and over, you commit them to your muscle memory - basically you teach your fingers to play them wrong.

want to learn to play it right? play it VERY slowly, slow enough so you can think before each note, and that will give you a chance to think of what note you're playing next. you've got to learn to play a song right before you speed it up a bit. just keep playing it as slowly as you need to each time, speed up when you've nailed it, rinse and repeat. i repeat, speed up only when you can play the whole thing correctly, and remember - you'll have to UNlearn the way you've taught yourself to play it (wrong).
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^that. I hate it when it happens. Playing the piece wrong and you already memorize, but you need to erase all that work to be replaced by the correct ones.