So I sold my old Crate BV4x12 with V30s in it tonight and am looking for a nice 2x12 to take its place that goes well with my Rockerverb 50 Mk II. I really, really want to get an Avatar Vintage cabinet with Greenbacks, but I keep reading that Amp Wattage == Speaker Wattage is a bad idea if you continually crank your amp (which I do.... often) and don't want to melt your speaker coils.

With that being said, is that necessarily true? If so, what would be a good set of speakers to plop into the Avatar? I am interested in Eminence, but I've never tried any model before and do not know much at all about them.
Love the Swamp Thang/Texas Heat combo, personally.
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That's what I've read on some other forums lately..

I'm looking more towards the Private Jack, primarily due to its above-average reviews and 50w power rating.

bear in mind eminence has the rep of being a bit optimistic with their ratings. the PJ might be no more safe than a greenback, in other words.

that being said, celestion has the rep of being pretty conservative with the ratings, so two greenbacks may well be fine.

it's your call, really.
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I'll have to put the Classic T models on my to-try list. Shame the finish options there are Anachronism Gold, Nuclear Waste and Aged Clown, because in principle the plaintop is right up my alley.

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these guys look cool if you like the natural look


another note is that WGS makes the invader which is a 50 watt version of the green beret (greenback clone). the tone did change a bit acording to them.

perhaps e-mail them with questions about speaker selection and get some recomendations.
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Call Dave at Avatar and ask him his opinion as well. Also look into their Hellatone brand.

When I got my Avatar I got Classic Lead 80 and a G12H30 resulting in a 60w (conservative) cab.

Ippon knows his speaker combinations pretty well so def listen to him.
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Scumback M75, closest to the G12M pre-Rola era Greenback if you have the $$$ to burn.

Yea, those too. Though I might recommend an H75/M75 or two M55s in a 212. The medium magnet 75Hz models tend to lack the sub-bass kick unless they're in a 412, and the heavy magnets tend to lack an open high end. H75/M75 combo is great.
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Love my avatar loaded with a V30 and g12h.....
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I'll call Dave tomorrow and ask him about what he thinks about the ratings on the Private Jack. I'm trying to keep the speaker choice limited to what Avatar offers, because I don't want to dish out a heap of money for some Scumbacks in a 212 that I will not be using everyday (college takes up this whole 'free time' thing). Same goes for the Creambacks, I'd love to take a look at them but I'd rather get an already loaded cab.

That being said, there is an Avatar 12 on craigslist with a V30 and Eminence Wizard or something similar for $250. I could potentially just buy some broken in PJ's or Creambacks and throw em in later on..