Hey UG,

So recently I wanted to build a microphone, and I saw this post:


I can find most of the parts at radioshack, but there are a few parts I can't find. I would like to buy these parts, preferably locally. I live in Vancouver, BC, although I could go to get parts in Bellingham. I'm hopefully building 2 microphones.

The parts that I'm looking for are:

10uF mylar or metalized polypropylene capacitor (DO NOT substitute an electrolytic!)
2.2Kohm 1% metal-film resistor
Metal Enclosure (a rectangular one for a power supply, and an enclosure for the microphone.)

I can't seem to find those parts anywhere.

I could possibly get a cheap metal enclosure for the mic from dollar store, but it's not likely, and the dollar store might've closed down. The microphone enclosure from dollar store is a dynamic microphone shape, and I'm looking for more of a condenser microphone shape. The shapes I'm looking for:

I was thinking to buy 2 pipes and cut them up, but I'd need the mesh wire around the mic, and I wouldn't be shure (see what i did there?) where to get the mesh wire, and how to attach it.

Honestly i'd just look online to source the parts. I dabble in electronics from time to time (digital stuff mostly) and i long since gave up trying to find parts locally.