Hello, I sing and play guitar in a New Zealand folk metal/epic rock band called IronStein. Every now and then we manage to sneak into someone’s studio and record a song. The latest is called "Leif Ericson". Please give it a listen. It's a pretty low-quality recording, but if you like what you hear, eventually we want to record an album professionally. The main problem with the recording is that some of my vocals become hard to hear. Also, there is a weird PETTCCHH sound at about the 2:20 mark. But let me know what you think.

If you want some feedback on your song I will be more than happy to return the favour. I'm on a holiday from work at the moment, so I'm up for listening to lots of people's music.

For any fans of traditional Irish folk music, if the main guitar hook sounds familiar, it is inspired by the folk tune "Brian Boru’s March". The verses are made to sound like a typical sea shanty (call/response), and our keyboardist had added a slight orchestral element to it as well.

By the way, we called the song "Leif Ericson" because it's written about the Norse explorer of the same name. This is not a cover of the Interpol song "Leif Erikson". The title caused a little confusion for a person on YouTube who sent me a rude message about the title being misleading. Apparently it was our fault that we aren't Interpol! Oh well. (Hadn't even heard of the Interpol leif Ericson before then).

Anyway, here is the Youtube link to Leif Ericson:


Or you can hear it on the "Band Profile" section of our Facebook page:


Or here on Ultimate Guitar:


At least one of those links should work! Thanks for your time.
Tight man, tight. It might just be my headphones but the way i'm hearing the mix a lot of things are competing for the same sonic space with their frequencies, and drowning each other out which sucks because i can hear that there are lots of layers that make this song epic in the chorus. Some more eq-ing and you're golden dude.

Check out my demo, it's not that long. Let me know what you think track to track.
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First of all, thanks alot for the feedback on my band's song! And Norway is indeed awesome.
Don't know much about your country, but after seeing a couple of pictures, I can see the similarities between the landscapes. But I'm sorry to disappoint you by saying that I haven't seen much trolls here either! haha
Most of them are probably on the internet.

But now to your song:
Well done!
I really liked it alot, and would love to hear more in the future! Listened to all your MP3's here at UG. All I can point out that maybe can be improved is the guitar tone. It's a bit sharp and thin I think, but the mix sounds lovely as the vocals come in. Perhaps some EQ'ing will fix that issue, like the guy above said. And the loud TV noise at 2:20 must go!

By the way, your YouTube link can't be seen in your post!

Nevermind the YouTube link, it was probably AdBlock messing with me haha!
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Its not bad, but the guitar tone is atrocious. The rest is a very workable mix and a decently produced recording.

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