Hey guys. I'm planning on de-fretting a bass with a rosewood fingerboard sometime in the near future. I've done this before so I'm not worried about doing it, but what bothered me the most last time is that the wood filler I used to fill the fret holes didn't match the color of the neck (it was much lighter). Is there such thing as rosewood filler, or is there another method of accomplishing this? I'd really appreciate the help. Obviously it's not imperative, but I really love the look of fretless fingerboards without any reminiscence of where the frets were.

I'd also love to remove the pearl inlays and fill those with the same stuff, but that's another project altogether.
If I were you, I'd remove the fretboard and glue a new one down. stewmac sells ebony ones and you could probably find some in rosewood, maple, or whatever other woods you might want on amazon or ebay.

You can get rosewood colored filler but it'll never be the exact same color as the wood you have.
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Give the folks at Warmoth and/or Stewart MacDonald a call. They should be able to steer you in the right direction.
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I tried mixing sawdust from my redheart ftetboard
to fill in the grooves. The mix dried to a really hard
surface that worked great, except it was darker
than the original wood,

I like how it turned out though,