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Okay so, I've got an issue..

I've bought that Jackson in a pawn shop and the sound it makes isn't as good as I thought it would be.

I've had the same kind of a problem in my last guitar, but I've calibrated the bridge so the string would be closer to the pick up, thus making a better, more metal and clear sound.

.. my only issue here is, that Jackson has a floyd rose, and I never had to deal with these, and I'm scared of trying to fix it cause with my luck, I will probably ruin the whole guitar.

Any tips on how could I do that?
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why don't you just raise the pickups instead of adjusting the whole bridge?
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I actually didnt know you could do that. Thanks, will pos tresults

.. as soon as I restring my guitar.. which wil ltake me ages, see you in the next century.
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You may want to look for a tutorial on Floyd Rose trems. Chances are if you didn't notice you can adjust humbucker heights, you're doing a few things that make the string changing process take longer.

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