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Is there such a thing as not being able to write lyrics when you're satisfied with the world? Because recently I haven't been able to write a single line. Ever since I started getting my shit together I've been happier and more content but I haven't come up with any words whatsoever for my songs.

I've had the same "problem". It is another reminder that everything has its goods and bads.
The same thing happened to me. Just force yourself to write a song everyday and you may stumble upon something worthwhile to write about.
Emerse your soul in love

You used to be alright What happened?

Yellow tigers crouched in jungles in her Dark Eyes .
Happy songs worked for Devin Townsend too.
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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Usually sad depressed songs are boring as hell and cliche.

Try writing some obscure stuff that doesn't have to do with your emotions. People will probably enjoy listening to it more and you won't have to say what every other depressed wanna be Connor Oberst has already said.
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Just do it. don't focus on the problem. Instead focus on the goal - writing from the state you are in now.

What you're doing is an excuse, it's not a block. It's a creative inability to write outside of one specific mindset. This is overcome by widening your subject matter. Once you get going you'll be fine and it will get easier and easier.
Don't worry, something will happen to make you unhappy...it's a fact of life.
Then maybe you should start writing rap rapping about how happy you are with all your money, bitches, and home dawgs; or alternately perhaps a song about your girlfriend pop song oh baby oh baby yeah oh.

I thought rap and pop was for happy people and rock and metal (including all of their sub genres) are for sad and angry people.

So I don't know if you aren't pissed off enough with the world then maybe you are in the wrong genre.
This is an interesting topic for sure...

I think it's missing the point to say just write happy songs - I think there's a difference between being in some sort of feel good place and being able to actually write happy lyrics. I write my best words when I have some sort of muse, usually it's when I'm hanging out with a new girl, or moving around a lot, or have built up a certain amount of experiences without reflecting much.

I think you can be happy and write good words down obviously, but if you're super content with life, nothing much to do, days are just rolling over, not meeting new people, not taking interest in anything around you, there's where you have a problem. It's all about just trying to get into something new. Then the words will flow. Get moved. Get hurt. Get happier.
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