We are looking to make our acoustic duo a trio and need someone to play guitar, bass, sing and maybe play a little basic percussion. We do the same. We are playing a wide variety of covers, from Sublime to Alice In Chains to Oasis to 70s classics. We are just getting started and don't have gigs lined up yet. We are working on building our arsenal of tunes and recording a demo CD, then we will hit the bars. We plan on getting to some open mics in the mean time.

We practice at my home in Burlington, early evenings and weekends, 3-4 nights a week average. We plan on playing at bars in this general area. Also good to know, we play tuned down a step and a half. We find it makes the vocals easier to handle. Neither of us are Freddy Mercury or Geddy Lee.

I hate to state the obvious, but: You must have your own transportation, instruments and equipment (We have a new P.A. system). If you do drugs, are an alcoholic or have a big ego, we aren't interested. Sorry.

Please reply to: filthydm@hotmail.com