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hey guys...i dont really know alot of music theory but i was jamming and i came upon with those 2 chords .,..can anyone please help me by telling me thier names ^_^


and this one

------------ 9-----------
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G minor, E major.

but if you don't know theory, i'm not sure of what use it'll be to you.
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There should be a sticky called "What chord is this", about... well... asking what chord this or that is.

The answer should be simple. Learn basic music theory and this Link Chord Designer
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first one is a Gm chord without a 5th, the second is a E 7th major
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the first bit is a dyad so name that chord is inappropriate OOOOOOOOO
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the first bit is a dyad so name that chord is inappropriate OOOOOOOOO

Yeah you've got a G octave (The 10 and 12) which means you only have two different notes.

It's leaning towards Gm however.
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Name that chord thread.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.