hey guy i've been playing guitar for 2 years now n im kinda good i can cover any chord song and few solo songs but im not that good at soloing

so anyway i ve never study theory thing or scale and i try to start yesterday & i was so shocked ! there're thousands of thing that i cant understand & i found thing called modes and 7th & 5th circle !

so i need a help here ,, i want to know where and what i ve to start with for theories , and for scales i play blues jazz and rock so ? what scales i ve to play

Thnx for ur time
How I started was with the open e scale. Once you've got it down, you can move it anywhere on the fret board to change the key. Playing with feeling is the most vital element to playing lead, good tone is important as well. Something equally as important is phrasing, which is the choice of which notes to use, how many to use, the order in which you use them, and with what timing. Good phrasing is as much what you leave out as what you play, you can say a lot with just one well-placed note. The possibilities are literally endless and you can add some flare with hammerons, pulloffs, slides, sustain, vibrato, two hand tapping, harmonics, and a whammy bar if you have one. The best way I found to practice phrasing, or anything for that matter, is just do it man, strum an open e chord a few times then play a little lick within the scale and repeat, you'll start to develop your own sound by doing this as well so you can kinda get away from covers (highly recommended)
Here's the scale:

When you move the scale up the frett board, bar a frett and every note you bar corresponds to the open notes in the tab above. Another thing that will help you both now and later in your guitar adventures is to try not to learn the shape of the scale as much as the individual notes and there names. Just in case you haven't gotten that far yet, the notes for the tab above are respectively as followed: e--g--a--b--d--e--g--a--b--d--e--g
You can also slide up a step on the g b and high e string to extend the scale making the note on those strings:

I hope I've helped understand where to start learning to play lead, best of luck!
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The Open E scale mentioned above is a Minor Pentatonic Scale. For Blues/Blues rock I'd start with A minor Pentatonic. Learn the box shapes and then as previously mentioned you can move up and down the fret board to change keys. I say Aminor because it will allow you to easily use 4-5 box shapes up and down the neck. A good place to start IMO