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Hi, I recently got a Focusrite SAFFIRE 6 USB Audio Interface, I have installed it by using the packaged CD's that came with it, but when I look through my Focusrite files and click on the programs under it entitled ''Control Panel'' and ''Audio Control Panel'' it says, ''No Focusrite with USB devices were found attached to this computer'' yet when I do attach the USB device it says the same thing. I was expecting some kind of window resembling Fruity Loops to appear when I plugged in the USB, but nothing happens.

Does anybody know why this is? Do I need to record something from my guitar on to the device first? (I haven't got a working guitar cable jack at the moment, which is why haven't tried this yet)

Also, why when I plug in my USB device do my laptop speakers stop working?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but this is my first time buying something like this and I really want it to work, if you have any solutions I would appreciate them a lot, thanks.
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http://uk.focusrite.com/downloads?product=Saffire+6+USB try using these drivers.

You need to go to your control panel and then sound, change the output device to your speakers if you want the sound to come from your laptop or saffire 6 if you want to use that as your soundcard.

To use it in a DAW open up your DAW preferences and choose output as Either default or saffire 6 and the input to saffire 6.