I recently bought myself a home recording studio setup.

I however have been having problems recording anything decent with it, here's the bundle I got :


I think either the Mixer , the XLR cable or the actual Microphone is broken , however as I'm a total n00b with all this, I have no idea.

Pretty much my Microphone has tons of noise in the background - literally so much I can't hear any input into the mic. The annoying thing is- I have recorded perfectly with it - it seems to have a mind of it's own whether it wants to work or not.

As from the thomann link , I have my mic plugged into a Behringer Xenyx 502 - which I find cuts off the output if it is overloaded (which is a good thing)
The mic seems to "Pop" every couple of seconds when it's in a mood which overloads the mixer and cuts off the output - it's again annoying and (mind my french) is pissing me right off.

I'm however not sure if this is a fault or if this is what actually happens to microphones.
I have alot of PC gear (I'm mainly a programmer) And find that it crackles less when my computer is turned off (but it is needed to record the sound from the mic?), also to I can hear cars driving up and down my road subtly outside my house , and the fact that my parents (I'm 18) like to stomp up the stairs and make as much noise as humanly possible

Also to - when I wiggle the XLR cable it creates the crackling sound - apart of me thinks it might me down to that.

And the mixer as something floating inside of it - I pick it up and I can hear a rattle - although the mixer seems fine (it outputs audio from my UMA25S perfectly) I think the preamp for the microphone maybe broken thus the crappy noise.

also too , the noise only goes if I leave the setup plug in for , say , 2 hours - then it seems to "Want" to work

thanks for your time ,

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Try replacing the XLR cable. It sounds like a loose connection somewhere.

Also, look at investing in an Audio Interface. I'm assuming you're going from the mixer into the mic in port on your PC which can potentially damage it if it gets driven too much.
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