I want to wire up the pickups using a tone and volume pot for each pickup (4 pots total), and I want to have everything wired to a EMG solderless 3 way switch. To me, this sounds like a very common wiring set up, but I honestly cannot find a guide or diagram anywhere. I'm still very new to the whole electronics thing, and this is my first experience with active pickups and the solderless wiring. Any help is greatly appreciated.
It doesn't I'm afraid. If the switch was a regular 3 way I'd be fine, nut it isn't, it's solderless, which pretty much turns the switch into the buss, it's a nightmare trying to work it out :/
Does this help any?

I have bad feeling that it won't, but it's worth a try.

Edit: Wire the volume and tone as they are there, but place them between the appropriate pickup and switch. After that, wire the output of the switch directly to the jack.
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I think that's the set up I have now, the switch works and the pickups work, but the pots don't do anything...
I'd rather have burned my fingers with an iron haha