I would like to start an online music project, and I like a lot so yeah, here are the genres Im into;
-Hard rock
-Punk Rock
-General Rock
-Trash Metal
I dont know if theres anyone around who wants to do this, but I play the piano and guitar myself and I can do some screaming/grunts. We could try some covers first and maybe then move on to original songs?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english sometimes, im dutch
I want to play with someone, also make original songs, https://soundcloud.com/jasonjimnz in my Soundcloud you can listen my songs (and covers) and If u like it , I can help you, I'm good at drums and keyboards effects

Cangri2k5, Thrash/Progressive Metal Guitarrist & Composer
Hey jason,
I listened to your songs, and your a pretty good guitarist!
I also noticed that you were wearing a metallica t shirt on your picture, so i assume your a fan, so am i so maybe we can play a cover of a metallica song before doing original stuff. Let me hear what you think.
Bands like Metallica, Linkin Park, Bullet For My Valentine and Green Day. Something like that.