Dwayne Glanton of central Arkansas is the builder.


He sold this bass to me for $90. It came with a
$140 TKL hard shell case.

He was not a bass player when he built this bass.
I had to do a lot of work to get to where a bass
player could appreciate it more. (long story)

34" scale
solid figured maple body
5 piece maple neck through body
redheart fingerboard
EMG soapbar pickups
neck vol, bridge vol, tone, pretty standard

Thanks fer lookin,

The maple and the redheart fret board look really different (in a good way). I can honestly say I've never seen it used as a fretboard before. Congrats on the new acquisition.
Quote by Lavatain
First pic has 2 control pots, all the others have 3, I'm confused

That is where the "long story" I talked about comes in.

The bass only had one volume control. I added another
one so each pup has a volume,

The story goes on. I had to turn the tuning machines
around because they were on backwards,

The neck bent up at the body and caused a woop-tee-doo,

I took the frets off,

and ground the neck down until it was strait. I ground so
much 3 fretboard markers came out,

I ground so much that I could not re-cut the fret grooves.
That's when I decided to go fretless,

The fretboard was totally flat. (no radius) I put about a
12 inch radius on it.

That's all I can remember right now. It seems like I'm
forgetting something, but I cant remember what,