So I have this old Gibson guitar that my grandma gave me a few years ago. It used to be my great-grandpa's guitar.

It's an acoustic guitar, the three highest strings are nylon and the bottom three are steel (I'm pretty sure some of the strings have been changed, so they aren't the original strings.) It's a classical guitar since the pegs are pointing towards the ground. The Gibson looking is painted on with black paint.

It has a black nut. I don't know if it's the original one.

It has a black circle painted around the sound hole. There is no pickguard, and it doesn't look like there ever was one.

It has 18 frets.

The serial number is located at the very top of the headstock on the back, right behind the Gibson logo. The number is 800203.

That's all I know to tell you...I'll see if I can get a picture of it here.

I'm guessing it's from around the 60s. My great grandpa used to use it in his mariachi band.
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