Hello all,

I am thinking about trading for this guitar but don't want to get duped. I cannot find much online about it. The Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway Special sells on Musicians Friend for about $1250. The only thing I am suspicious about is the "Special" on the Truss Rod Cover. The owner said it is a Special 2. I am trading a $1000 guitar but don't want to trade for a $500 Gibson. The serial number checks out from what I can tell.

Here are some photos on photobucket of the guitar:

Thank you for any help.
Les Paul Special Doublecut

It is also one of the cheapest Les Paul guitars available. It appears that Gibson has since decided to discontinue much of the faded lines, including the Les Paul Special Double cut for its 2009 lineup.
A much more expensive and historically accurate version of this guitar, the 1960 Les Paul Special, is available as a Custom Shop/Historic Reissue model.
For many years after 1960 no Les Paul Doublecut guitars were produced by Gibson, and when Gibson did start making doublecut Les Pauls again, they were re-issues closely following the original Les Paul Special flat-top (no arched maple cap) design, with P-90 pickups rather than humbucker pickups. In the interim, during the 1970s, a small boutique USA guitar producer, Hamer, began making both flat-top and arch-top doublecutaway guitars very similar to the then-dormant Gibson designs. These Hamer versions of doublecutaway Les Pauls got widespread publicity for their use by the members of the rock band Cheap Trick and others.

Also the A strings broken (I always re-string a used guitar anyway)
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