Hey guys.

My band is going to be releasing a music video very very soon,
but I'm having a hard time figuring out how we should go about releasing it.

What is the best way to advertise/fund it so that people that like our style of music that hasn't heard of us can check it out?

Thanks very much!
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The same way you would promote your music...put it out there and share it.
See if you can get some local music blogs to post it in an article. Talk to bands that you play with about sharing it on their FB page.

Get all your friends to share it on their FB pages. It just comes down to hard work and constant promotion, and of course the more professional looking & entertaining it is the better the chance that'll it'll catch on quicker.

I'm honestly of the mindset that you should probably think about how and when you're going to release something. Maybe release the video with an EP/Album so that it's like you're collectively dumping a release rather than just dropping a random song here and there, then putting out a video.
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Promoting a video really depends on what you expect from it.
Because if you just place it on youtube and wait, your video will mostlikely never be seen.
If it fits a context, has a catchy title and is prodduced correctly, your chances to be seen will increase. But first of all, think about what you expect from this video and you will find it easier to make the right move on promoting it.