So my wife and I have been playing and writing music for 3ish years. We're in the process of forming a band with two other guys but we recorded all our songs a few weeks ago and put them on youtube just so people could get an idea. I don't know what kind of music is usually posted here but I'm not much of a shredder :P

We were going for alternative rock but everyone keeps calling us latin rock. I think they just say it because my wife is brazilian but whatever, as long as they listen, right?

Ironically, the day after these videos were shot, my wife got a new acoustic and I got a new pickup and pedal.

Constructive criticism is welcome, I guess! Also we're in the Montréal area so if any local bands want to hook up, hit me up!

This we recorded with her brother in Rio:

Alice et Mathieu - Breathless

and the videos:





I like it. The first song does have a bit of a latin vibe musically, but it's not particularly noticeable. Your wife has a great voice that doesn't sound very latin either, it has a slightly punk edge to my ears; aggressive without being fake angry. Cool riffs, tasteful leads. Cool stuff on the whole.
i can dig it. not a bad voice to listen to, it's not too sing-y or too harsh a sound, but as said before it's got an edge. i like the idea, acoustic/electric works with the rhythm/vocs & lead split, and execution is solid.
thank you very much groovitron! Actually at first we played one acoustic and one electric out of necessity. Alice really wanted to be as rock as possible and play on a distorted electric but we didn't have a second one so we settled for one of each. But then we realized that the two together sort of gave us a specific sound so she (eventually) agreed to keep it.

However the guitar she's playing in the videos (a nice Norman made by Godin) was way too big for her and caused too much feedback with our PA so we just got her a variax acoustic. It's tiny, sounds great amplified, doesn't feedback and has a tiny neck for her tiny hands.

She does play electric on Different Days (the last video) so she's happy.

Thanks again for the comments