Hm... Is this a song? I don't know, I quess the acoustic part sounds good but altogether feels weird. Unless if it is an opening part. Anyway, I'm waiting for the whole album to see how that sounds like. Gotta notice though that I don't like death metal so don't take my opinion seriously...
Your playing sounds kind of sloppy, especially in the (looped?) first part of the song, it just sounds out of time to me. You really need to concentrate on the timing; if you want to double your guitar parts make sure they're played tight. Also watch your bends, practise using a tuner to improve them.

The Arrangement sounded weird, althought i havent yet discovered how to make different parts of a song go together myself, so I cant really comment on this further than "this sounds weird".

Re-reading my post this sounds kind of harsh, but I hope my feedback is going to help you improve, that said, practise on and have a happy new years eve
I like the effects on the guitar at the end - and the overall riff idea in nice enough. The previous reviews hit the nail on the head production wise - but I see this as an idea track that will later be scrapped and rerecorded when the piece has further developed.

I would appreciate a listen to my drivel -


Keep Rockin'!

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I loved the intro riff, just as it was about to get a bit repetitive the chorusy acoustic part fitted in nicely, I thought the electric guitar lead over the acoustic part was a bit too gainy but thats preference, The ending is nice and I love the fading guitar,
Overall its a great song and I think the title really suits it
Happy new Year!
I like the chord progression in the beginning of your song. I also liked both of your rhythm guitar tones--both the clean and the crunch/distorted rhythm guitar tones. But to me, the distorted tone doesn't work so well as the lead guitar tone. Maybe it's because there's no reverb or delay on it, maybe that would make the lead guitar sound a little better. I mean there's nothing wrong with a totally dry lead sound, but maybe in this case, it would sound a little better.

Which brings me to my next point. It sounds like it's in mono. Or maybe everything is panned to the center? I'm not sure what recording equipment you are using, but it might sound a little better if you could somehow spread out the sounds more in the left/right stereo field. I'm not sure what kind of effects pedals/racks you use, and I haven't bought any new modern effects in a long time so I'm not quite sure what's available now, but from the effects I used to buy, if you get like a reverb pedal, it should have two outputs, a left and right out which will give you a nice stereo image on your multitrack recorder (assuming you're using a multitrack recorder).
I think the intro is a bit sloppy and the whole thing could benefit from other instrumentation apart from guitars. Maybe some bass and drums?

I can't really give it a proper listen at the moment as I'm currently listening to it through my television, haha.

All I can really suggest is work on the song itself and the production will come slightly easier, at the moment it's the songwriting that needs the attention and not the engineering of sounds.
hey mr. jready, i heard your song :P it's not hard to listen to but if you'd not be offended by my saying so, the end bit should be stronger ..i'm thinking a 'songs are like sex' metaphor would fit here...
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