Bm-GM-DM-AM (Main Verse)

EM-GM (Bridge)

Bm-EM-AM-DM (Chorus)

What key is this? I was looking at the triads of all the major and minor scales and I can't seem to find it. If I'm missing something blatant, please excuse my stupidity.

It looks like D Major with and E Major instead of a minor. Confizzled.
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I think I would agree that this is in Dmajor with a Emajor added as an accidental or the E should just be an Em which I think is far more likely.
or the key changes. this could be a combination of the E and G keys as the bridge may suggest as all chords used are in those two keys
Starting with B minor and ending with D major leads me to believe that regardless of the G# in E major, this song is in the key of D major.
The first verse is in key of D. The chorus is in key of A. The bridge juxtaposes the two chords that "swing" the key, so to speak. As in Bm + G + A + D = D while Bm + E + A + D = A. I'd imagine the bridge sounds pretty tense / angst-ridden / energetic. Anyway, you can shift from D to A pretty readily since they are adjacent on circle of fifths.

Sorry, I don't talk to other musicians, so I may be using wrong terminology to talk about this shift.

I do think there is not just one right answer, in terms of how you talk about this. It might even be easier to talk about this as being in key of Bm rather than any major key.