Hey everyone...Bout to buy my first standalone delay pedal. But I want something with alot of adjustment and parameter tweaking along with delay types. I love Strymon timelines...But I dont like the price tag. I can only drop about 250$ on one. I was looking at the TC flashback x4 and the Vox delaylab. But something I really like is the ice setting on the timeline. I like delays that have an ambient type feature and also a shimmer type of deal... But I dont know what else is out there and what is worth it...Can anyone point me in a few right directions? Thanks!
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The other pedal in the same category as the Timeline is the Eventide TimeFactor. I've seen them go for 300-350 used around where I live.

It doesn't have the 'Ice' setting, but I read that an other Eventide pedal has it. Going down in 'rank' the flashback x4 is the next best from what I've seen. It doesn't have the same effects as a timeline, but you'd have to fool around with it to check out what you can do with it.

Boss DD-20 is another pedal I see people mention when talking about digtal delays. It seems as though you're going to have to do a lot of experimentation to find what you want.
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I got a TC Nova delay and it's okay, but a few weeks after I got it TC dropped the Flashback X4 which is even better, so I would definitly go with that.
Okay right on. Has anyone heard anything about the Vox Delaylab? The features seem rad and the price seems right...? I dont wanna have to go into poverty if I dont have to...But Ill pay more to get something worthwhile. Ya know?
DL-4 or go with the Line 6 M-series and have all your effects in one unit.
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What are you mainly going to be using the delay for?
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i use the boss giga delay and I think it's great
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well